International Workshop on

The physics of disordered superconductors and their application to quantum circuits

Les Houches, France

5 – 9 Juner 2023

Disordered superconductors are prototypical systems for the study of quantum phase transitions or quantum localization phenomena, and, at the same time, they hold the promise of potentially ground-breaking applications for new hybrid quantum devices and qubits. The goal of this International Workshop is to gather world-experts theoreticans and experimentalists to address and elucidate the slew of new challenges that arose recently recently with the advent of innovative experimental techniques, new materials and theoretical advances.


  1. Cooper-pair insulators and many-body localization
  2. Tunnelling and noise spectroscopy
  3. Microwave properties of super-inductors
  4. Hybrid qubits for fault tolerant quantum computation.

Organizing committee

Milan Allan, Leiden University
Mikhail Feigel’man, Landau Institute For Theoretical Physics & LPMMC
Lev Ioffe, Google Quantum AI
Nicolas Roch, Institut Néel, CNRS
Benjamin Sacépé, Institut Néel, CNRS

email: workshop.quandi@gmail.com